It's all getting a bit much. Managing the forums at TDN, the Learning project there, and helping them create a brand new website is just taking up... well, everything. It's getting to the point that I give it more time than anything else in my life, so something has to change.

Tangled Branches

For those that don't already know me, you soon will. I'm Tassja, the woman that agreed to marry J (without him drugging me). When I get a bit more time and I feel like writing, I might put up an "about me"page to give people an idea of what I'm like. Though I'm sure my posts on here will do a fine job of scaring people off ;-)

Since I'll be joining the Wiseman's next year and our branches will become tangled, J has very kindly given me access to his blog, which I suppose is now our blog. Crazy guy ;-)

Switching to Wordpress

It's been a while in the making, but this weekend two big changes have occurred on this site. Firstly, if you're accessing it directly, you'll notice the snazzy theme change. This is because I'm making a move away from Moveable Type as a blog engine, and have chosen Wordpress as my platform of choice. It gives the site a new degree of flexibility, allowing things like static pages to be added, as well as more users to make posts. It should also drastically reduce the amount of spam I've been getting.

I love weddings ;-)

Well, some will know, and others not, that on Sunday Tassja agreed to marry me. Poor girl. Of course, I'm deliriously happy, not least because I didn't have to drug her first!

In all seriousness, she makes me very happy. She's honest and thoughtful and tirelessly imaginative. I'm very, very lucky.

We're planning to hold our wedding next summer, somewhere in Scotland. We have a celebrant apparently eager to work with us (thank you, Potia!), and we're lucky in that she's one of few registered pagan celebrants in the country.