Dear Brandon

It's been a long time since I last spoke to you, and we both know that today is a special day. I'm not sure if you know where I am, or what's happening in my life, but I like to hope that you do and that one day you'll be able to talk to me again.


I'll warn you now, this is probably going to be quite a long blog post as we've not posted anything since May. A lot has happened since then. I'll start with the wedding in June. Yup, we did it. We're now Mr and Mrs Wiseman and it's wonderful :) The day was beautiful and it all went smoothly. Potia performed a fantastic ceremony for us. I think having her perform it helped make it the perfect day for us. Thank you Potia, you're a star. Although it had been raining all week long, the sun came out for the day and all my worries about ending up with a damp outdoor wedding vanished.

Cyber Stalking

Why is it that just because a person has stuff on the internet people think it gives them a right to contact them repeatedly, spam their accounts and those of loved ones and generally make a nuisance of themselves?

Given the job I do, I'm quite well versed in the law and quite willing to take legal action against all perpetrators. I'm meticulous in keeping track of all communications, be they phone calls, emails, comments or letters.

The warning has been issued.

What wikipedia has to say on stalking