Jason Stuart Barnes killed in Afghanistan

It's taken me what feels like forever to sit down and write this. I was so shocked when I was watching the news and saw that beautiful photo of Jason Barnes on the TV. I felt sick when I realised what they were saying. Only a few weeks before I was showing photos of Jason to my husband and telling him of how we used to play together as kids. I guess I always thought we'd catch up one day. I just left it too late.

Cyber Stalking

Why is it that just because a person has stuff on the internet people think it gives them a right to contact them repeatedly, spam their accounts and those of loved ones and generally make a nuisance of themselves?

Given the job I do, I'm quite well versed in the law and quite willing to take legal action against all perpetrators. I'm meticulous in keeping track of all communications, be they phone calls, emails, comments or letters.

The warning has been issued.

What wikipedia has to say on stalking