Proud mummy

Well as the title of this post suggests I'm a proud mummy. Nathan has (at last) cut his first tooth. He's been teething for what feels like forever. I'm sure the amber teething beads have helped a lot. He's not been grumpy with his teething, just drooling like crazy. I'm really looking forward to seeing him with a toothy grin :)

It feels like he's growing up so fast.

Look who arrived!

Well, he's here. After a lot of excitement Nathan Andrew Wiseman was born at 11.20 on Wednesday. It all happened very quickly, and once it all picked up, Tassja was only in labour for around 4 hours. We're all pretty tired, and understandably she's very sore now, but he's here. And I'm so proud of them both. Here's a picture of our little monkey.


37 weeks

Okay… looks like I’ve not posted anything on this blog since I was at 12 weeks. So here’s an update.

Right, well the nasty hyperemesis calmed down at about 17 weeks, much to my relief!!!! I still had sickness but it was nothing like the horrendous continuous vomiting. I have rather a lot of scars on my hands and wrists from all the drips they stuck in me, but this baby is more than worth it all :)

17 weeks was great for another reason as well. My birthday was in that week and as a birthday present Little Monkey gave me the first kicks I could feel. It was truly amazing and gave me a real burst of confidence that this baby would be joining our family. Even better was that they were strong enough kicks for J to see them and feel them. It was great to finally be able to share our baby.

At 20 weeks we had our scan, all was well and it was good to see our baby again and discover that it’s a little boy. It took me a while for it to sink in that we would be having a little son. Knowing the sex made it even more real for me. I could look at people walk past with their little boys and think to myself that it would be me with a baby boy soon enough. Very exciting and a little daunting.

Dear Brandon

It's been a long time since I last spoke to you, and we both know that today is a special day. I'm not sure if you know where I am, or what's happening in my life, but I like to hope that you do and that one day you'll be able to talk to me again.