I remember

It snowed when you came home for the first time. A surprise white-out version of the world, completely unexpected, and perfectly magical. Now when it snows, I think of you.

And finger games, sat on a bench in a park. And feeding the ducks. And the way you leaned on me every morning. And your first words. And the last time I saw you.

All these things, as sharp as glass are held close to me today, as they always are, with a proud knowledge of the young man you are growing to become.

Happy birthday. I hope it brings you all that you wish for.


Cheeky monkey!

Well, Nathan is truly a very cheeky monkey. Yesterday I left him in the living room for a moment and when I came back in he had my mobile in his hands and it was suddenly out of charge. I thought to check to see if he'd called anyone and I was relieved to see he hadn't.

I really should have checked my sent box too.... silly me.


Today Nathan pushed the loo lid onto me and then flushed the loo. Lovely little boy ;) After that he made his "ha ha" noise. That boy is a right monkey!

Lunch he sneezed all over me, so now I smell like vegetables with noodles and chicken.

He's now kissing his doll having decided it's a better idea than getting his fingers stuck in the video player. Oh wait, he's at the video again. Daft boy.

I'd better rescue him.

Water baby

Well Nathan has been swimming twice now and he loves it. We went to the new leisure pool both times and it's fantastic. It has a lazy river, slides, fountains, water cannons, water curtains, bubble jets and a spa pool. By far his favourite thing has to be the spa pool, he loves the jets of water.

The only problem is that he doesn't realise that he can't swim. He lets go of me and pushes off, just like he's about to swim off. Then he sinks. But he doesn't mind the water on his face, he just spits it out and grins.