Not disappeared completely, just busy..

Oh blimey, not been in here for a while, have I?

In fact, almost a year. Wow. has it been that long already? Well I never.

I'd best catch up, then.

First and foremost, it's little Nathan's first birthday soon! I really can't believe the time's gone by so quickly. He's leaving the realms of being a baby and starting to do those 'little boy' things, like the other day when I had to go back to work after us 3 having lunch together, he waved goodbye! Awww! :) Right now, I can't wait til he's talking properly. But I'm sure in another year's time we won't be able to keep him quiet and be begging for a break.

And yes, I do know pretty much every word of all the Peppa Pig episodes published.

Sad news included my great aunty Ivy passing away recently. Cancer's not a nice thing to get, so in a way it was a relief that it all happened quite quickly for her. It also gave us an opportunity to catch up with other Wisemans back in Aldershot - crazy tribe that they are. Shenanigans there included little Nathan performing for the crowds in the Garden Gate pub, just up the road from where I grew up. I'm sure one day he'll appreciate the attention less, but my goodness that little boy knows how to flirt! I'm looking forward to spending some more time back there on happier terms soon.

There's still very much geekery going on in my daytimes, but I don't imagine most people are that interested in hearing about that. I've gotten into cameras a bit more and been loaned quite a nice digital SLR to play with and see if I can get on with.

Today Tash has taken Nathan swimming for the first time. I'm looking forward to hearing the stories later :)

Right then. See you in another 12 months!


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