37 weeks

Okay… looks like I’ve not posted anything on this blog since I was at 12 weeks. So here’s an update.

Right, well the nasty hyperemesis calmed down at about 17 weeks, much to my relief!!!! I still had sickness but it was nothing like the horrendous continuous vomiting. I have rather a lot of scars on my hands and wrists from all the drips they stuck in me, but this baby is more than worth it all :)

17 weeks was great for another reason as well. My birthday was in that week and as a birthday present Little Monkey gave me the first kicks I could feel. It was truly amazing and gave me a real burst of confidence that this baby would be joining our family. Even better was that they were strong enough kicks for J to see them and feel them. It was great to finally be able to share our baby.

At 20 weeks we had our scan, all was well and it was good to see our baby again and discover that it’s a little boy. It took me a while for it to sink in that we would be having a little son. Knowing the sex made it even more real for me. I could look at people walk past with their little boys and think to myself that it would be me with a baby boy soon enough. Very exciting and a little daunting.

The next 11 weeks were pretty uneventful, other than LM squirming and kicking so much I started to feel bruised. I’d be sat at my desk busy working and he’d start moving so much that it would take my breath away. Every time I looked down at my bump it was dancing around and looking a bit crazy. Some days he moved about so much that I’d feel a bit freaked out by it all. Especially when he stretched out so much that when I looked I could see his foot clearly protruding from my right side. I’d seen photos of that sort of thing, but it didn’t prepare me for seeing it really happening.

During these 11 weeks the pain in my hips increased to the point where I needed crutches. Thankfully the Welsh NHS is great. I got an appointment with the physiotherapist really quickly and she provided crutches and a support belt. Since then I’ve been given weekly appointments with her and weekly hydrotherapy. It’s fantastic, if I didn’t have it I know I’d have had to have stopped work and would have been housebound. I can’t praise them enough really.

Now week 32, that’s when it got a lot more interesting, though in a scary way.

I’d been working overtime in the office for a few weeks by then, very long days and J was picking me up at the end of them. There was no way I could manage to walk home on my crutches at the end of the day. My hips were getting worse and walking home was enough to bring me to tears.

Anyway, that day I’d been really busy in the office and had started to feel tightenings, being too busy to concentrate on it I just presumed they were Braxton Hicks and that they were normal. I briefly mentioned them to J when I got in the car and said I thought they would get better once I was at home and resting. I was so confident that it was all fine that I sent J off to Karate as normal. However, by the time he got back the tightenings were every 7 minutes and quite strong. I felt silly because he’d been concerned and had tried to get me to call the hospital earlier. I’m just too stubborn sometimes!

About 9pm I phoned the hospital and they told me to come straight in. As soon as we got there they strapped me to as machine to measure the tightenings. Sure enough, they were regular contractions. At this point panic sets in… 32 weeks is a bit too early to be born. They gave me tablets every 30 minutes to try and stop the contractions and  gave me 2 injections of steroids (nasty painful things!!!). After about 24 hours the contractions eased off and I was allowed to go home.

I took a couple of days off and then went back to work again. Much to the dismay of my work colleagues who were starting to have fears that I’d end up delivering the baby at my desk.

All was well then until 34 weeks, when contractions started again. This time there were no NICU beds in my local hospital and they had to try and find another hospital that could take us.

After scaring me near to death with suggesting that I go to Haverfordwest (about a 3 or 4 hour drive away), they managed to find a bed for me in Bristol, so they bundled me into an ambulance and sped me off, leaving J to return home, pick up some stuff for me and then make his way to the hospital.

We get there, again I’m put on the monitor and the contractions are regular. After about 24 hours they are starting to calm down again and after a few days they let me go home. I was worried that they were never going to let me leave. I didn’t like it there much. I was too far away from my family and friends and felt very isolated. Not to mention that I had my heart set on Little Monkey being born in Wales and being Welsh like his mum :)

After that I went back to work for half a day to hand over to my replacement, then it was the start of my 4 weeks of leave before my maternity leave starts.

At 36 weeks I went for a growth scan as my bump was measuring several weeks too small. Well, even though I have a little bump, the baby inside is a very decent size... at 36 weeks he was measuring 40+2 weeks :-o I dread to think what size he'll be when he's born!!!!

Since all that I’ve had times where I’ve had contractions for 30 hours only to fade away. It’s exhausting, but I’m not bothering the hospital with it now. It just appears to be how this pregnancy is going. Little Monkey will show up when he’s good and ready. The important thing being that he’s 37 weeks now and classed as full term. No fear of being sent to another hospital now. Yay, he can be born in the same place as I was and he’ll live only 2 roads away from the first place I lived. Feels like coming full circle.

So what am I up to now? Not a lot. I’m near enough living in my dressing gown since it’s the only comfy thing I have now. I had thought that I could make the house gleam and sort out boxes which are left over from the move (over 2 years ago now!!!). However, the pain in my hips has changed all that. So it’s lots of rest for me and lots of waiting.

We’re both very excited and eagerly awaiting the arrival of LM. I hope he comes soon, I really really want to hold him in my arms and I can’t wait to see him cuddled up with his dad.

It’s all so exciting, what a huge adventure we’re about to embark on!!! :D



I expect regular updates, a live web cast, and a follow up podcast, an e-mail, sms, a stream of MMS... Or a phone call ;)

\m/ O_O \m/

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