I'll warn you now, this is probably going to be quite a long blog post as we've not posted anything since May. A lot has happened since then. I'll start with the wedding in June. Yup, we did it. We're now Mr and Mrs Wiseman and it's wonderful :) The day was beautiful and it all went smoothly. Potia performed a fantastic ceremony for us. I think having her perform it helped make it the perfect day for us. Thank you Potia, you're a star. Although it had been raining all week long, the sun came out for the day and all my worries about ending up with a damp outdoor wedding vanished. Instead I was left wishing I'd put on a bit more sun block ;) We had a lovely meal afterwards where we got to open our cards and wedding presents. They were all fantastic. A big thank you goes to everyone. Then in the evening the family decided to go out for another meal where it was great to see everyone getting on so well. Lots of family stories were shared along with many many laughs. We couldn't have asked for a better day or a better start to our marriage. We did have a big problem before the wedding. A couple of weeks before we were due to drive up to Scotland some rather annoying people decided to break into our car. They didn't manage to steal it, but they did manage to mess it up rather a lot. The lock on the drivers side had been popped and would no longer work, the ignition had been completely ripped out and was nowhere to be found and the steering column had been broken. Needless to say, it was trashed. The worst was that it was on a bank holiday weekend, so we had a bit of a wait before any garages were open. After many phone calls on the Tuesday, we managed to get the car towed to a garage. We then spent the run up to the wedding worrying if we were going to get the car back in time. After a lot of work by the garage, we finally got the car back with a day to spare. Cutting it a bit close for my liking. We also had to pay for all the repairs ourselves since it would have taken too long to go through the insurance company. We needed the car too quickly to have time to wait for them. So, that's the wedding bit covered. Now on to the next bit… Anyone who reads this blog will have seen that we lost a baby back in January, we were heartbroken by it. It was the second such loss for us and I was starting to feel that it was never going to go right for us. How could I lose two babies in a row? I felt like such a failure. We didn't get to see either one of them before they left us. The first was lost at 9 weeks and the second at 10. Both of them very much loved and missed. We'll never forget them, they will always have a place in our hearts. So now I get to the happy bit…. We have a baby Wiseman on the way :D  It's been a bumpy ride so far. Emotions have been running high. After two loses it gets a bit scary. But all is going well with our Little Monkey. We had the 12 week scan yesterday and it was great. LM was jumping around and put on quite a show for us. The consultant was fantastic and even moved the scan around so we could see more detail. We saw little feet and toes all a wiggle, hands waving and fingers flexing. It was all suddenly very real for me and I felt great. My health however has been another story. I'll start by warning well meaning people. I know it's very common to offer helpful advice for dealing with morning sickness, but please don't try it with me. Believe me I've tried the ginger, biscuits, calming tea, little food and often…. to name but a few. It doesn't work for me and with how ill I am, I'm likely to reply with where you can put that ginger biscuit…. and you  won't like it ;) I have hyperemesis gravidarum and it's making life very difficult for me. Check out for more information about the illness. I just can't describe how awful it makes me feel. I've been hospitalised twice and I should have been in more than that, but I really don't like being stuck in hospital. I've been stuck on an IV drip, had enough blood taken to collapse my veins, had problems with my body going into shutdown and lost so much weight that it's difficult for me to manage to do much. My days are spent in bed trying not to vomit. J as usual is proving that he is the ideal husband, I'm so very lucky. He's taking fantastic care of me. How he manages, I just don't know. But I'm more grateful than I can ever express. Even though this pregnancy is difficult for both of us, it's worth it. It really is. The thought of being able to hold our child in our arms is amazing. It's a day we are both eagerly awaiting. I sit here in bed with the laptop, feeling awful but smiling to myself with a tear in my eye. Holding the scan of our baby in my hand and dreaming of the future. What an awfully big adventure we are embarking on :D



Very glad to hear the new news!

I'm not about to offer any advise about morning sickness apart from tell you it does end in time.

Be wonderful!
Hugs to each and by proxy to all!

Lol, thanks Bish. I know

Lol, thanks Bish. I know morning sickness ends in time... but hyperemesis isn't quite the same. Up to 9 months of feeling like hell followed by trying to recover your health afterwards. Ohh, and they can't even asure you that the sickness will stop straight after the baby is born. It can take a while. 6 months and counting... But I'm really looking forward to holding Little Monkey. Thanks for the hugs /me hugs Bish

Wonderful news, sweetheart!!

I hope you start to feel better soon. I know what you mean about the oceans of well-meaning advice about sickness. It got me down as well, especially because none of it worked,, and I promise not to even mention ginger biscuits! I really, really hope you start to feel better soon and I can't wait to meet the new little Wiseman in the spring :) :)

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