A quickening in the roots

Hello :)

Just a quickie, really, to say hi and to share a little bit of what we (well, I, mostly) have been up to.

It's been very quiet in internet-land for a good few months, now. I think part of that has been to do with getting back to basics since the miscarriage and doing a lot of living. Now that the warmth and the sun's coming back it's a lot more appealing out there, but a bit of cold and wet doesn't seem to put us off much. Priorities lately have been firmly back at home, and on holding each other through the changes that have been and gone. I'm sure there's more to come. Life has a habit of there being more ;)

We've been places - notably castle-visiting in South West Wales, and had a trip down to Tassja's old stomping grounds in Cornwall. It may have been chilly everywhere else, but down there it was warm and sunny and balmy (barmy?!). And the Senior Wisemans were recently here to visit, which gave us an excellent excuse to go to Caerphilly and tramp around the castle there. That's the problem with Wales - so many castles.

Work-wise, I've been busily involved in a project which has just had its launch. I figure Cie and Dafydd *might* be interested. (Oh, and it's a Drupal site too :D)

What else? Hmmm. Oh yes - there was a blog software upgrade (thanks to an unexpected server upgrade - thanks Ritchie :D) and now we're back to zero spam. Yep, that's right. No comment spam at all.

Right. Back to the millwheel, then...



"A balm! What are you giving 'em a balm for? Ooooh, it's a viscious animal with horns and such..."

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