Goodbye Magpie

Well, I'm not really sure where to start. A lot has happened in the past couple of months and in many ways it feels like, for me personally, a watershed has been reached. I turned 30 this November - a ripe old age that I'm frankly surprised I survived to. I've left TDN in any official capacity, having just completed a significant web project with them. And I'm leaving the magpie name behind. In terms of who I am, I don't think it adequately describes me. Ten years ago, maybe five or even two years ago, I think it did. But now? Not at all. What started as not much more than a nickname and a brushing with totemism (with very little understanding of what that meant) became an identity which at first was right - a fair description of my temperament and character. Lately, it's been increasingly something of a straight-jacket.

Perhaps I should design a symbol. Or become AFKAM. ;)

But no. J, Jay or Jamie is fine in future, thanks. As is "oi", and other related terms.

Wedding plans continue apace, and we're looking good to make our original schedule. It's nice to have time to breathe and actually be excited about it.

It's very firmly and definitely a winding down time at the moment. Reducing the commitments and energy going in a million different directions and refocussing it back at home is having some interesting and strange effects on me. Who'dathunkit? I'm better able to cope when I'm taking the reins into my own hands, and not being led by any third party.

I'm actually looking forward to the coming year - something I'm really not used to!



Well, well, well :) A random thought and a random song has led me once more to an old friend. Congratulations dear one! 30 and getting it together. It sounds like things are finally looking rosy your side of the equator.

The magpies are currently entertaining Spod (the cat) outside the window. So, they are still important :)

And as the light did a scintillate and change
through timely most
stop it still
and he did a deep thoukus
absolutely smashing flake it he was
so gathering all behind in the hintermost
he ploddy ploddy forward into the deep
thundermold of the complicate and forry
to sortn' this one out, matey

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