Feeling Brave

At last, I've got around to making a blog post :) But that's not why I'm feeling brave.

The reason is, for the first time since my little stay in hospital in February, I've worn a skirt to work! That may not seem like much to some people, but for me is a huge thing.

People can see my legs! :shock:

That's something I've been afraid of for ages. Since February I've been keeping my legs covered up, I felt like my silly limping walk was bad enough, without drawing attention to it by showing off my long legs. Even though my walking is improving, I'm still very aware that I don't quite look right.

So I've been wearing jeans and scruffy looking clothes for ages now, hoping that if I look dull enough no one will notice me - the slightly disabled looking girl, skulking around the town.

Not anymore, today I'm wearing a smart little dress and suit jacket. I've already been stared at by work colleagues and had someone walk up to me and say "You've got legs, I've not seen them before!"

It feels a bit strange and I know it'll take a while to feel less self conscious, but I'm glad I'm doing it. I'm determined to be able to walk down the street with my head held high.



Hey, it's you :)

Glad you're feeling brave - and well done for showing the ol' legs off. They're worth showing off ;)


Glad to hear it!

Although...brrrr, does this mean you'll have to wear stockings?


It's definately the wrong season to be go getting your legs out. I hope everything is all woollen, that might placate the cold air a bit :D


Cheers guys :)

Cheers guys :)

Teehee, sorry Cie, not stockings.... tights. And no, yibble, they're not woollen :P

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