It's all getting a bit much. Managing the forums at TDN, the Learning project there, and helping them create a brand new website is just taking up... well, everything. It's getting to the point that I give it more time than anything else in my life, so something has to change.

Last night, Tassja asked if it was okay to email the committee at TDN to get some changes happening. What we've suggested before is that she take over the admin of the forums, while I get some rest from them in order to devote more energy to the web project. This morning we had the go ahead for that, so we expect to make a forum announcement this evening.

Personally, I'm just relieved. The forums have been wearing me down for a while, now. I love them, I really do, but I think I need a break. It's bad when they stop me sleeping.

In other news - babysitting's pretty cool! We got to do some on Saturday night, with Tassja's niece and nephew. It woke up all sorts of memories in me, but none of it felt bad, which I think is a first time in the last four years. Who knows where this could lead? ;)
I seem to have rediscovered Anthrax. The band that is, not the virus. I shall use it to combat the foolish people who insist on parking their cars outside our house at 3am, and playing gansta (c)rap at about 7,000 decibels. May their sub woofers rot and their Vauxhall Novas rust.

Right. Back to the grindstone for me - I've got a project plan to write, don'tchaknow?




Hello! Forum stress is a nasty syndrome, and completely unnecessary. It's great that you've got the go ahead to switch Admins :D

Rhaps'll make a find Admin, and will have plenty of support in the role... We don't support you, 'cos you've got a beard 'n' stuff.

Hmmm... Think I've had too much RedBull?

Yeah, the forums are a bit like that at the moment, but they all go through it at some stage. Well done for having a solution, and we know Tassja can give both barrels if she needs to.

Now, about the new site.. is it ready yet?

It's not meant to be stressful mate. Go chill and let Wonder Woman at 'em, I mean us. :P The forums are just going though some change, perhaps no different to the rest of the site and maybe the whole network eh? I admit I'm keeping quieter on forum than normal, it's another method to avoid ranting. Must be the weather :)

I can understand why you decided to give up the role on forums Jamie. The stuff on the nudity thread must have been very stressful - I believe you acted absolutely correctly on that one. AnywayI am sure Tassja will do a great job. Sent you email about Sustainable Energy Alliance wanting some help on web site re N Wales offshore wind project. Of course you are in S Wales but if I can't help with tech stuff - can I put them onto you?

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