Tangled Branches

For those that don't already know me, you soon will. I'm Tassja, the woman that agreed to marry J (without him drugging me). When I get a bit more time and I feel like writing, I might put up an "about me"page to give people an idea of what I'm like. Though I'm sure my posts on here will do a fine job of scaring people off ;-)

Since I'll be joining the Wiseman's next year and our branches will become tangled, J has very kindly given me access to his blog, which I suppose is now our blog. Crazy guy ;-)

Thank you J. I love you so very much and you really do make me very happy :-D

Right, so what's been going on?

Well, a couple of weekends ago J's lovely parents came to visit. That was a great fun day involving a visit to Castle Coch, a place I'd not been to since I was a child. It felt good to be able to take them to a place which I have strong childhood memories of.

Later that day we went to the Cardiff Bay Barrage, a place I've always loved sitting and watching the boats come and go. I find it so relaxing. Though the water does smell rather a lot, but that's what happens when you make a big lake filled with river water that's flowed through a city ;-)

We finished the day with going for a meal at one of my old haunts, The Deri Inn. A rather cute place to eat at which normally does yummy food. Though it's not so great when they deliver your starter and main at the same time, oops ;)

Then last weekend J's brother came to stay with us. I really enjoyed it. It was a good chance to get to know each other more and have fun. Though I'm not sure how he felt being dragged through the city to the museum. I was rather asleep on my feet that day.

Quite possibly one of the most exciting things for me recently, was a phone call from my Dad. At his wife's suggestion he phoned me to urge me to go to the shop where the wedding dress I wanted was in the sale and phone them from there so they could pay for it over the phone. I'm so very happy to have my dress bought for me by them, as well as having it safely hanging up in the bedroom. It makes it all feel much more real. I'll admit that I was very worried that I'd not get the dress. It's the only wedding dress I tried on and I loved it straight away. I knew it was the one for me.

Well, that's enough for now. No doubt as soon as I publish this I'll think of other things I could have said, but never mind.



Tassj's blog too! Oooh, I can't wait to see how this pans out. Will they vie for control!? :D

Yay! I'll definitely keep my eye on your blog to keep in touch with you guys:D

Glad you guys are doing well!


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