Switching to Wordpress

It's been a while in the making, but this weekend two big changes have occurred on this site. Firstly, if you're accessing it directly, you'll notice the snazzy theme change. This is because I'm making a move away from Moveable Type as a blog engine, and have chosen Wordpress as my platform of choice. It gives the site a new degree of flexibility, allowing things like static pages to be added, as well as more users to make posts. It should also drastically reduce the amount of spam I've been getting.

Secondly, well... I'll just let that change happen by itself. You'll see ;-)

One of the changes that's filtered through has been a reflection of a change in myself. This blog used to be called 'Keeping the Blood', which was perhaps a reflection of the importance of blood-ties, to me. But recently I've been shown a new understanding of family and tribe, which while in no way lacks love or awareness of relationship, has nothing whatsoever to do with blood ties (which in their own turn have very little to do with genetic relationship). I've not forgotten my physical, blood relationships at all. But the new emphasis is more about inclusion rather than a narrow honouring of purely blood relations.

I'm really not sure how much of that makes sense. But still, it's nice to change. Tangled Branches, Roots and Shoots. Tassja said it sounds like an embracing of past and present, while acknowledging the possibility of the future. I'm inclined to agree. Trees don't have to be the same species or family to tangle branches, and live in relationship. Roots and Shoots are where they come from, and where they're going. Maybe this space could reflect a little of those sentiments.



Good to see you've moved over, Wordpress is a great package

Another hurrah for WordPress; although it has a few buglets like slashed apostrophe's and (heh heh) revealed comments on passworded posts (thanks mate). Know full well where you're coming from with the family / tribe thing too.

Looks good to me! Another couple of wordpressers! I like the name of the blog too, reminds me of the Lynn Truss book, "Eats, Shoots & Leaves." :D

I also favour Wordpress. It's very shiny indeed. And free!

Rather than make a seperate comment, let me just say, many congrats on the young lady :)

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